The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.01.18 Tuesday

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Today, Analytics held its biweekly call and 2 chats in Discord happened: F.Nest’s Money Talks and Community’s Tea Time. Two AMAs today: Engineering Pod’s on priorities and MetaGov’s on their recent forum proposal. One-off meetings are happening more and more often; be on the lookout for AMAs on the public calendar. Also, if you missed out on @chasechapman and @Regan’s DAO 101 chat on Twitter Spaces, it’s available here.

Tomorrow is less busy public meetings-wise. Just 2: BD’s Pod Meeting and the following Leadership Forum.



Product | Community:

“We’re getting there:” Dashboard updates from Analytics

Analytics Pod (16 attendees)

Core contributors gave an update on their work on IC’s product dashboards. You can view documentation here. @anthonyb.eth is finishing up to the DPI dashboard on IC’s Dune; please reach out to him with feedback, as this will be the template for the rest of our non-leveraged products. @MrMadila ran us through DPI’s IntoTheBlock page which can inspire our own dashboard. The ETH2x-FLI performance statement is available here.

@TeeWhy has been building version 1 of Apollo Graph QL: a subgraph that contains our internal data (Use this end point to access the subgraph). It picks up rebalances, fees, token issuances, general transactions and transfers. It includes our Set tokens (FLIs and $GMI). Feel free to reach out to him with any input.

Q1 Q&A

Engineering Priorities AMA (13 attendees)

@edwardk held today’s AMA to discuss Engineering’s Q4 '21 Recap and Q1 '22 Priorities detailed in this forum post.

The goal for Q4 was to build a core team that works well together: @edwardk, @dylan, @tradernoah, and @0xModene. The team, that has doubled in human capital in the last month and a half, is looking to be more ambitious in Q1, starting with the launch of $GMI.

@LemonadeAlpha kicked off the questions: What are our challenges in sourcing cross-chain liquidity, and how does IC think about that? @ncitron gave an example of how to overcome this: launch a product on some L2 and do rebalance trades that will throw some cash across the bridge from MainNet. This is an issue for Engineering teams across DAOs, and even @overanalyser “doesn’t want to think about it too much.” He’d like to see Engineering fix the rebalances via options. A simple explanation of rebalances: Rebalances for IC products can be pretty expensive because we have restrictions on which exchanges we can use for trading and if there’s limited liquidity on these exchanges, we can pick up slippages costs. Also, gas costs are high (we’d have to pay on our own products). We might also try to move from our current system to an options-based system to increase security by offering botrunners a reward for doing a task we need done instead of doing it ourselves. We’d cut time writing adapters as well.

Another question: Could we fork the Set UI w IC-feature tweaks and would that be a good investment assuming that we want to launch more composite indices? The answer: probably not. This will take time, and deploying simple indices is not the bottleneck we are dealing with. For example, it took us around 2 hours to write deployment scripts for $GMI.

Engineering is starting to revolve strategy around utilization of vaults. It seems like there are unique problems and challenges around each vault. How much repeatable infrastructure is there around vaults? @ncitron said we’re trying to build a generalized system, but it can only be generalized to a certain percentage of vaults, perhaps around 80%.

Does the Index token directly get revenue from our product? We did increase our Index token liquidity, but that is separate from our other products. That said, $INDEX does to some extent represent the success of all of our other products.

A thought experiment from @funkmasterflex: If Engineering Pod had unlimited time and resources, how would priorities change to increase AUM? At this point, @edwardk doesn’t think we would have much more success by throwing more people at the same number of projects. They really need people with the right resources, the right context, and the right skillset to deliver on something that will add value to IC’s product suite. A lot of that is on the Product Nest to predict which products should have the highest priority for Engineering. People-wise, Engineering is thinking about best ways to train potential contributors while giving them important duties with leeway to learn.

Proposed changes in Meta-Gov (check the forum!)

AMA MetaGovernance 2.0: Executive Productivity (13 attendees) slides | recording

@mel.eth and @anthonyb.eth walked us through their proposal, IIP-XYZ: Meta-Governance 2.0: Executive Productivity. In it, they explained benefits and challenges of the existing system and of the proposed system (listed on the above slides). They invite continued discussion on the forum post. A recording is linked above.

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1700 - Business Development
1800 - Leadership Forum

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