The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.01.19 Wednesday

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Index Council provided some updates on projects they’ve been working on and open up a discussion to gather feedback from the community. BD has had enough of bears and is setting a course as the Growth Nest comes together.

Thursday is the busiest meeting day at Index and this one is no exception. Gov Ops WG ponders their metagovernance opportunities followed up by BD Office Hours in Discord. @JosephKnecht hosting a Methodologist Tutorial and Conversations with the Coop - Alex Salnikov from Rarible are next on the docket. Next, we welcome and show around new community members to give them the sCoop about our products on the New Joiner Call. And the day finishes off with a Future of Growth Nest special.



  • AAVE-55: Enable FEI as Collateral on Aave V2
  • COMPOUND-82: Dynamic Risk Parameters - Quarterly Update

Product | Community:

Crazy Cyborg Bears

Business Development (27 attendees) notion | BDWG Dune by @anthonyb.eth

@Miza led things off by spinning a tale of his previous encounter with bears. While we’re only human, we need to try to stay calm, cool, and collected and not run away screaming from bears or bear markets. We’ve got to execute with what’s in our locus of control and persevere.

@Mringz highlighted the recent partnership with Universe Finance and a new opportunity surfaced in the Polygon ecosystem with Yearn vaults via Tesseract. There was also a discussion of developing a more robust L2 and sidechain strategy in cooperation with Product. By having a closer collaboration between those two groups, BD can execute on relationships, partnerships, and integrations that complement our current and future products. Not only will this help them produce for Growth Nest but continue to drive the value they bring to the Index Coop as a whole.

They’ve been working on a Extrinsic Productivity Tracker in Notion to keep track of where and which DEXs, Lending/Borrowing, Yield Aggreatorss, V3 Liquidity Managers, Leveraged Exposure, Options, and Stablecoin Liquidity platforms have our products.

A proposal for the $REAL Index was recently released on the Forum. The aim of $REAL is to allow crypto assets to be lent to real-world businesses in return for an income stream using specialized DeFi protocols gathered within a single managed INDEX fund. The Layer 2 Index also recently received its product score.

Looking In While Building Out

Leadership Forum (35 attendees) | Slides | Video

Today’s Leadership forum was an opportunity for contributors to share their honest thoughts about the current state of Index Coop. With the current Index 2.0 changes in full swing, anonymous answers to the question “How do you feel about Index Coop right now?” ranged from “Bullish” to “confused” to “in flux”.

It’s still early days for the Index Council. While there are people that would like more communication and insight, Index Council is tackling a lot of legacy problems that had been accumulating within our organization for a long time.

@mel.eth provided a high-level overview of the DATA methodologist negotiations and gave a shoutout to @Matthew_Graham for taking the lead. @Metfanmike circled back to our vision. The structure being put in place is meant to help us step forward and execute shared goals for 2022 together. @Pepperoni_Joe discussed how Priority Hiring and the Transition to Nests are moving forward. @jdcook provided some more positive updates about how we’re aligning our goals and incentives with our protocol partners at Set.

Breakout/Jamboard session was held amongst all contributors answering:

  • What’s going well?
  • What is frustrating you? What is not going well?
  • What needs to change? What suggestions do you have?

@Pepperoni_Joe introduced a few ideas to facilitate additional communication and information sharing for the Index Council in the forms of AMAs & an Accountability Aid role. He also touched on Priority Hiring in greater detail and provided the outlines of Community Nest Draft Proposal template for other Nests to use/mashup/remix.

@jdcook shared some fair viewpoints and thought from Set that we need to ship more products and improve that process and they believe our focus needs to be set on primarily Product and Growth initiative. @LemonadeAlpha didn’t sugarcoat that Priority Hires changes the way we’ve handled our budget than in the past. We are making a shifting budget to those individuals that have and continue to provide tangible and accountable impact. It hasn’t been an easy process for the Index Council or contributors impacted.

@mel.eth sees Priority Hiring as a way for those currently doing that work to take on and explore the important role they plan in the Coop and those who provide something of value to our organization and community can still create opportunities. @Metfanmike feels the pain of us $INDEX holders but encouraged a focused, realistic approach to our current challenges and opportunities. By facing them head-on with a plan, we’ll be able get there together.

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1500 - Governance Operations WG
1600 - BD Office Hours (discord: BD Office Hours :chart_with_upwards_trend:
1700 - Composition Tutorial for Methodologists
1900 - Conversations with the Coop - Alex Salnikov from Rarible
1900 - New Joiner Call (EU/US)
2000 - Future of Growth Nest

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