The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.05.17 Tuesday

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The Owls are at Permissionless! In between @TheYoungCrews’s infamous Brambles, they still found time to make it to Monday’s Biweekly Standup and Tuesday’s Product Checkpoint.

Quiet week this week due to Permissionless—We’ll skip the official Leadership Forum on Wednesday, but if you’re feeling the FOMO or up for a game or two, join C.Nest at the same time for a make-up event. On Thursday, we’re back on with Gov Nest’s biweekly call and Growth Nest Weekly.


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This week and always, we require no permission

Biweekly Standup | slides

This week’s call was quick—we breezed over a few Nests so the team could get back to Permissionless. Few quick updates on Core KPIs from @anthonyb.eth: Given events of the last few weeks and the bear market of the last few months, we’re doing alright. And we can sum it up in three sentences:

  • N$F is starting to drop again
  • icETH remains the primary driver of N$F
  • ETH2x-FLI is starting to heat up again

C.Nest core team—@bradwmorris, @0xMitz, and @coolhorsegirl—are all in Australia. With the call in the middle of our night, Lead Brad recorded a video. Huge news: A massive deliverable co-created with Forefront, our Terminal, is just about complete! We’re putting on some final touches with help from other Nests. @coolhorsegirl and @chasechapman hosted @JosephKnecht on last week’s How We DAO on Twitter Spaces, talking product from idea conception to GTM.

Coop Recruitment is live and running—links are available in #coop-recruiting in the Contributor Server (we have 6 applications for Product Manager, already!). Next week, we’ll start listing some high-impact positions on external job boards. The CRM is live in Notion, and calls are booked with all BD folks for a how-to on contributing to the database and cleaning up existing leads and partnerships.

Growth Nest is celebrating a number of wins, especially given last week’s tumultuous market. icETH comms are great—we achieved a 32% open rate on our newsletter responding to concerns regarding icETH. JPG is on zkSync and available via Argent. We’re expanding partnerships, too, with meetings secured with Eaglebrook and PlannerDAO. And an Index Coop dApp has been added to Coinbase Wallet.

This week’s priorities are, first and foremost, an OWL TAKEOVER @ Permissionless. Keep the pictures coming so we can include in sCoop Weekly. We’re also looking at getting native Wallet support for MNYe on Optimism with the goal of launching in the next few weeks. And we’re still working on a Product-Growth strategy as well as our incorporation. Full steam ahead on both.

With the spotlight, Governance Nest was up. They’ve kept up with Daily GM updates and the subDAO process has been updated, with plans to talk about it in the Leadership Forum in a few weeks. MGC elections by the end of May. Documenting Alt Gov will go up as a forum post this week.

A deep dive:

Lastly, they talked Mixed Model Governance which we’re increasingly trying to implement. In a mixed model governance system, the DAO relies on multiple different frameworks to make varying levels of decisions.

  • Tokenholder vote - $INDEX Voting (Snapshot)
  • Contributor vote - OWL Voting (Snapshot)
  • Index Council - Strategic Vision and Planning / Delegation

Product Nest and Finance Nest passed on this week—they’ll be back at it in the next Biweekly Standup.

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC)
1800 - Leadership Forum

Thursday Meetings: (UTC)
1600 - Community Welcome Orientation Call
1800 - Growth Nest

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