The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.02.15 Tuesday

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Today, Finance Nest’s weekly public-facing call, Money Talks, discussed tokenomics and contributor rewards. Women in Index held their biweekly Twitter Spaces, too. Recording available here.

Tomorrow, we’ll continue the talk about the future of the Index Council, Discord, and Google Suite in the Leadership Forum.



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Eat your veggies?

F.Nest’s Money Talks (7 attendees)

As per, @shawn16400 was ready with questions. The first: What is the expected work distribution among 3 major buckets of work: Priority Hires, monthly Contributor Rewards, and bounties? @Finance.Nest reminds us that Season 1 is an experiment for Index 2.0 as it’s our first time specifying strict differences between types of work and our first season with Priority Hires. For this reason, there are no specific percentages of how we want to distribute work. Bounty Board 2.0 (on Notion) is in the process of rolling out, creating the opportunity for Nest and Pod leaders to post and assign bounties at their will as part of their budget. Bounties will flow into Contributor Rewards. There is no difference between Contributor Rewards and Priority Hires? What used to be a $2000 stipend to manage a process may now be considered a few bounties to manage a process totaling $2000, even if these bounties are not posted on the Bounty Board because they’ve already been assigned.

And as per, we talked tokenomics. More specifically: What are the first steps in improving Index Coop’s tokenomics? Examples include expanding the use case of $INDEX, creating a vault for $INDEX, farming in stables, making treasury assets more productive, getting Uniswap v3 liquidity, and including including some centralized exchanges to list $INDEX.

Additionally, F.Nest is excited about the possibility of voting alliances with other DAOs and perhaps by delegating one DAOs’s voting tokens for a certain DAO to another. This example is in-the-works: FEI’ has decided to allocate voting power via COMPOUND tokens in TribeDAO. FEI has a lot of $COMP sitting in their treasury, but they’re not voting on COMPOUND/using these tokens. So, FEI wants to delegate those tokens to Index Coop to vote on COMPOUND. We wouldn’t be voting on behalf of FEI, as we are voting on the opinion of Index Coop, not theirs.

Lastly, the Nest ideated gINDEX vegINDEX: each could allow token holders to incorporate all of their $INDEX into a central wallet and $INDEX could be specific to different functions like gINDEX, governance. #tokenomics channel on Discord is available for the discussion to continue.

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1800 - “Conversations with the Coop” with Alexander Guy of Zerion on Twitter Spaces
1900 - Leadership Forum

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