The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.04.26 Tuesday

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Tuesday saw Product Checkpoint followed by Finance Nest’s Money Talks, including a rundown of Q1 financials from @Hammad1412.

Tomorrow, the Leadership Forum will see our incorporation lawyer from Fried Frank @Metfanmike talk the legal future of Index Coop. On Thursday, Growth Nest will hold its weekly call. See you there.




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Product :white_check_mark: :point_up:

Product Checkpoint | slides | recording

First, an update on $JPG: 72 holders, $257.36 average holding, $162,214 AUM, and 1,932.38 current supply. Aaaand: We were listed on Bloomberg! Exciting stuff.

Next, let’s look at our Product Roadmap. Coming up for launch by the end of May, $MNY, $SOCIAL, and $FIXED. Based on engineering and capital restrains, we will be slowing down the product pipeline and focusing on the highest potential value product ideas. We’re currently researching a few: ySTABLE, yETH, interest-compounding tokens, and wallets, using Optimism to track wallet growth and determine composition.

Not much has changed in liquidity statuses: For icETH, liquidity has found “market fit” although one very large whale dominates. Our treasury is also providing $450k medium - long term support. For JPG, we will deploy $200k split evenly between a full range G-UNI pool (aka the retail pool) and a narrow range G-UNI pool. Liquidity details on MNY, FIXED, and SOCIAL are also available on the slides.

And finally, some updates on market research. To answer “Who is our customer?,” we’re Using on-chain data and (next week) customer interviews. We’re also onboarding a Data Scientist (Turgut, who presented at Growth Nest a few weeks ago). For the question “What chain should we deploy on?,” we’re using a mix of qualitative and quantitative data. Our current focus is on investigating Optimism and building a business case for deploying there.

Quarter 1: The Highlights

Finance’s Nest’s Money Talks

Main event: we reviewed some Q1 numbers put together by @Hammad1412 in the 2022 Q1 Financial Report. Highlights below:

  • Revenue = $877K, down 56% from the previous quarter
  • Total Q1 loss = $1.7M
  • The largest contributor to revenue to date is ETH2x-FLI accounting for 59% of the total revenue
  • Our community treasury stands at $42.5M ($INDEX makes up 77%)
  • We have released 7 new products since the last quarter!
  • Total TVL is down 33% from Q4 from $362.5M to $239.2M
  • We have also seen aggregate trading volume on a 7 day moving average drop to $4.43M a 59% decrease
  • Total unit supply for all products increased from 1.9M units at the end of December to 2.9M at the end of March, largely due to the launch of our FLI product suite on polygon. This has accounted for nearly 1M units in March.

For more info, check out this video (24 minutes):

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC)
1800 - Leadership Forum

Thursday Meetings: (UTC)
1500 - Let’s Talk SubDAO (with GovNest)
1800 - Money Legos
1900 - Community Welcome Orientation Call
2000 - Growth Nest
2100 - Conversations with the Coop: Joseph Delong of Astaria (on Discord)

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