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We had a rowdy but productive Growth WG meeting to send us toward the weekend, but not before listening in on @Crypto_Texan discussing hybridized digital asset exchanges (CEX+DEX, really heady stuff) with the founder of Idex, and a super-interactive 1.5+ hour Future of Finance (Part 2) Workshop hosted by @Pepperoni_Joe. There’s a really cool organizational-self-awareness that has been permeating this DAO and it’s been an absolute pleasure to engage with y’all on the really big-picture questions that are being discussed in these workshops; I look forward to seeing all of you in the next one on Sept 21 re Owl Levels and Compensation. No scheduled meetings on Friday so we’ll pick The sCoop back up on Monday; don’t DAO too hard this weekend!

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Finance of the Future Part 2 (33 attendees) slides
While, as @BigSky7 puts it, we’re all focused on making our little piece of the pie as awesome as possible, coming to together to discuss how the pie ingredients get bought and who determines the types of pies worth making was on the agenda today. In FoFP1 we built consensus on who should be responsible for various executive functions, today was geared toward the how; how does funding flow through this DAO and with what controls?

While operational sustainability has been paramount, @gregdocter noted that we need to start thinking through a finance lens, posing the question, “Assuming we have $1B in the treasury, what does our financial arm look like?” Giving the situation under consideration some hypothetical (for now) gravity highlighted the importance of building systems that are robust while remaining modular and nimble. @nic also floated the concept of Treasury as a service and it gained a lot of traction. There were two breakout sessions with the first focusing on the values and goals that finance units should strive toward, and the second focusing on the decision process.

The recaps generated from these sessions have done an excellent job of capturing the content so stay tuned and I will leave you with this: The incredibly well-thought-out format of the workshops, inclusive of the technical expertise required by @Pepperoni_Joe and the facilitators of these sessions is impressive to the extreme. It takes a level of humility and dedication to guide a process such as this, and from conception to execution, the approach of breaking seemingly insurmountable challenges into bite-size tasks and questions has been expertly administered by @Pepperoni_Joe and crew. This Owl is incredibly grateful and optimistic about the future of this DAO.

Growth WG (10 attendees) slides
Opener: When is the next bear? With the exception of @LemonadeAlpha who thinks we’re in the midst of a dead cat bounce, the consensus was 9-months, so mark your calendars for mid-March '22 and let us know how we did.

Growth WG is on a mission to turn customers into advocates who create more customer-advocates, forever. How do they do this? (Release the HypnoDrones!) They use edutainment at the places where our target audience is already congregating, like say, Crypto Twitter. How can you get involved? By creating content that get’s viewed; tweets count, long-form counts more. The weekly remuneration process is called Impression Mining and more can be found in the #impression-mining channel in our discord server.

I have to warn you, the following chart is N$FW:

Shout to @anthonyb.eth for setting up a Dune dash for USD-denominated inflows, by product, with September shaping up to be the the second-best month on record, and we’re just halfway through.

The Index Coop Blog will be moving from Medium to its very own branded website within the next week, and will allow for better attribution and cross-cutting with existing content, including the now ~95% complete website redesign. There was some discussion about what to tweet on slow news days, with the forthcoming DATA launch expected to increase impressions in-line with previous launches, and @LemonadeAlpha and I following up offline on some data-driven conversation starters.

The persona presented today was that of a FLI product user and found that some users are holding longer than may be useful for the desired outcome, given that volatility decay has an additive effect over extended time periods. Discussion around around the need for education and what forms that might take ensued, as maintaining a positive user experience is the best way to fuel long term adoption. Ultimately, users that come to the product following a liquidation event using self-managed leverage view it very positively.

Governance Update (snapshot) by @sixtykeys

Monday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Weekly Planning
1900 - Product WG
OOO: @puniaviision thru Sept 17, @Mringz thru Sept 17, @LemonadeAlpha thru Sept 17, @MrMadila thru Sept 24, @Pepperoni_Joe Sept 20 thru Sept 24

Daily DAOwlpha: IC Blog posts reward at a rate of $100/1000 views, a great way to showcase a particular area of expertise while earning some INDEX!

- @mel.eth


Apologies to @MrMadila if I’m wrong on this but I saw @anthonyb.eth initiate and present the concept of $NetInflow (when lurking treasury working group for insight on strategic growth measures). I am one of a number of people to gravitate to this measure and would like Anthony recognised for this contribution, which I suspect will become a key metric moving forward. Check out his work Dune Analytics

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Apologies here, as I confused @MrMadila’s Total Daily Net Mint Volume with the N$FW metric. Thank you for flagging this; correcting now.



I actually want to clarify that I believe it was @mrmadila who ideated net dollar inflows (called daily net $ value) and presented it as far back as the 8/19 GWG call as well as the cumulative net mint/redeem view sometime shortly after on 9/2 (we highlight both in our GWG July and August report) and I know he had been working on those well before presenting – although I don’t doubt @anthonyb.eth could have come to a similar metric(s) on his own, and a huge lift for getting it up in Dune so quickly.

Edit: looking back through Anthony’s post history in Discord it seems clear that he did in fact suggest an extremely similar metric shortly after we had debuted it. Not only that, but the accompanying Dune board had another new metric which Madila was working on as well, which was cumulative inflows overlayed with AUM.

These are metrics we had been ideating in GWG and presented on 8/19 and 9/2 respectively - I think the coincidence was so stark that @MrMadila and myself believed that the dashboard was someone replicating his metrics in Dune :laughing:. They say great minds think alike - we’re happy to spread credit around and certainly happy to have Anthony on board.


Agree, great minds both:) I couldn’t find any mention of this metric the GWG Analytics Dashboards?
I do see this in your August report and saw in the treasury conversation that it was something @MrMadila was working. Something to be said for community transparency


Thanks! Just a little clarification on what happened was that I had posted the idea in the #treasury channel and @mrmadila had reached out to me very quickly to say that he had been working on similar metrics in excel. We worked together to get his spreadsheets up in Dune. I really enjoy working with @mrmadila and we were both excited about N$F as an important KPI for the coop. Since he had already been thinking about this metric for a while, it was super helpful to build on Dune using his work.


Two great Coop minds coming together to create a powerful KPI!


N$F Watch is the snappier name we came up with for Total Daily Net Mint Volume lol

@lee0007 I’d been working on it for a while on a spreadsheet but was still kinda experimental hence why it wasn’t super public.

I saw @anthonyb.eth mention he had also been thinking about it so reached out on the spot and the rest is history :heart_eyes: