The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2021.10.18 Monday

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Weekly Planning and the Product WG met today. I believe this was @catjam’s first time in the Weekly Planning chair and despite the slide-deck being set to ‘truffle-shuffle’, we adjourned with time on the clock and all boxes checked; well done. PWG still working through some liquidity challenges with a proposal in the forum to address.

Tuesdays are always exciting and tomorrow is no exception; scroll to the bottom for a peek at the packed schedule and don’t forget that this week’s proposals are up on snapshot, so go flex those governance muscles gas-free!

Quick survey shh just do it thanks: What does the Index Coop mean to you? by @ElliottWatts


Product Spotlight:

Weekly Stand Up (47 attendees)
Coming to you live from not in Lisbon where there’s a chance of shade heading into afternoon and our main course is peanut butter and jealous.

Product AUM hit a new ATH this past week juuuuust shy of the $420k mark as @jdcook’s performance matrix was flashing solid green. There’s a meaty Index 2.0 seasoned post in the forum, a preamble to the final two WG proposals to hit the forum for the revamped POC and Treasury WGs; FC Grant No. 5 is expected to go live for voting this week. TOC will be hosting Tea Time on Tuesday to discuss.

Simple Indices, the POD within PWG, noted that they have been working through liquidity for JGP and otherwise are iterating criteria pre-DG1. EWG have been mapping cross-organizational workflows between IC and Set, and noted the importance of having the right culture in a time when assets are controlled directly by code. DWG have been working through designs for iETH; IBWG have been considering off-chain possibilities.

At the time of writing it appears that FLI revenues have been transferred to Operations account; otherwise, @Matthew_Graham highlighted the Finance Nest proposal as setting a standard of granular contributor accountability that may help guide WG proposal creation heading into Q1 '22. @Mringz highlighted that DPI smart pools have launched on Barnbridge, and the positive-sum integration with Beta Finance being proposed in the forum.

Product WG (10 attendees)
Opener: What do you do to relax? While various forms of unplugging were highlighted, @overanalyser strikes a nice balance with, ms excel, travel, and dancing.

Liquidity was the focus at the top of the hour with a proposal in the forum looking to incentivize LPs to migrate existing liquidity to Uniswap v3 via a 2,400 INDEX spend; one advantage of a deep v3 pool is getting an oracle price feed. DATA could use more liquidity and has yet to hit the $400k/20% pool/APR target on SushiSwap’s Onsen menu; at the time of writing, the pool is at ~$285k/30%.

With the liquidity of the INDEX token noted in the forum of late, benefits of deep liquidity were discussed, including trust and integrations. @overanalyser noted that INDEX is on track to get whitelisted on Bancor and discussed the possibility of Index Coop providing liquidity directly.

With liquidity being a concern of elevated importance for The Coop, as we have to consider:

  • Governance Token Liquidity (INDEX)
  • Product Token Liquidity (DPI, MVI, FLIs, etc)
  • Product Component Token Liquidity (AAVE, AXS, renFIL)

All in, the on-chain liquidity of 40+ tokens (and growing) needs to be closely monitored, and when necessary, action taken to improve conditions (here’s looking at you Titans @Kiba @Thomas_Hepner and your work on renFIL). The Liquidity vertical within PWG will be seeking to gain a commanding understanding of the inputs and outputs that pump liquidity around on mainnet and beyond to inform further liquidity incentives and provisions. Liquidity management protocols such as Visor were discussed in general.

Otherwise, iETH remains the priority with YHI live for voting on DG2, so please vote!

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1400 - Institutional Business WG Meeting
1600 - Analytics WG
1800 - Wizardry Weekly Call
1800 - New Joiner - feedback on the process
1800 - IC Future Framework Session 3 (reach out to @nic to join)
2000 - POC Tea Time (geared toward new Owls, 30 mins, discord: [ POC Tea Time :coffee: ] )
OOO: @BigSky7 Oct 13-23, @MrMadila/@afromac/@Lavi Oct 16-24 (Lisbon)

Daily DAOwlpha: One day business schools will teach how to navigate DAO2DAO relationships / That playbook isn’t written yet, alongside most of DeFi - Jai Bhavnani

- @mel.eth


Where are the $400k and 20% pool APR targets coming from? Obviously would love much deeper liquidity for DATA, but the pool does have ~$1.8m of TVL.

cc: @overanalyser

Apologies for the oversight @Thomas_Hepner

I pulled the current data from the app:

Targets were mentioned on the call.


who made this? This graphic is pretty cool


@Static121 over at DWG! :fire: :fire: :fire:




Joint effort! @codemathics made the 3d owl :slight_smile:


Hi Thomas,

Sorry, I probably expressed it wrong in the PWG call.

My Back calculation of Sushi Rewards was that a $400,000 pool would earn ~ 20% APY.

We do have significantly more liquidity than that (~$1,800,000) as there is a significant amount outside the Onsen farm contract.