Video Marketing - go / no go

Hi owls,

Humans are incredibly visual. Powerful moving images can tell a story and help us find meaning and contextualise the world around us.

As mentioned on the ICWP, I think there is a real opportunity to drive the growth of Index Cooperative through the use of video content. This will support any wider marketing and awareness building campaigns.

I will use this thread to provide a single place for discussion, updates etc.

1. Core aims

  • Increase market awareness of Index Cooperative
  • Increase customer demand for our index products

2. Two video options
I typically use two main types of video content with clients.

 #1 Attention Grabbing (short)

These videos are design to be short, sharp and punchy - capturing views attention and making them want to find out more.

Pai Dao video is a good example.

 #2 Informative (long)

These videos are slower in pace designed to increase awareness and understanding of a product, explaining the key selling points and emphasising the “so what” to viewers. I like to use both animated characters, and live recordings of team members - i.e. Greg articulating his vision for Index Cooperative directly to viewers. Informative videos will have voice overs.

Here is an example

A informative script for Index Cooperative might looking something like:
1. Problem statement
2. What is Index Cooperative
3. What is DPI - why would you buy it?
4. What is CGI - why would you buy it?
5. What is FLI - why would you buy it?
6. What is MVI - why would you buy it?
7. Vision for Index Cooperative
8. How to find out more

3. Go / No go
Your steer is vital in ensuring I know where to focus my energy. As such, can you indicate which of the types of videos (if any) would be valuable for me to develop.

Video Go / No-go
  • Neither video would be valuable
  • “Attention grabbing (short)” would be valuable
  • “Informative (long)” would be valuable
  • “Attention grabbing & informative” would be valuable

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4. Stakeholders
Naturally, I will be shouldering much of weight for delivering this. However, the input and support from the community will be critical. I have outlined some of the key stakeholder below. I will update this list iteratively.

@codematics - creative design & assets
@martin - creative design & assets
@devondefi - script review
@simonjudd - script review
@Greg Docter - script review
@Nakamomo6 - audio

I will also likely require input from:

  • Marketing (to explore channels for delivery etc)
  • Growth (around use of twitter and engagement tracking)

Apologies for anyone missing - still trying to get my head around names.

5. Dependencies

  • I am reluctant to start any design work until the branding guidelines have been finalised. @codemathics your support here would be much appreciated.

6. Next steps
Once I have a go / no-go for each videos (ideally by Friday) the typically product schedule for will run something like:

  • Script draft (doc) - Joe
  • Script review and feedback (doc) - all
  • Video first draft (video) - Joe
  • Video review and feedback (video) - all
  • Voiceover overlay (video) - Joe / Nakamomo
  • Final review / share with ICWG
  • Decision deliver channels (i.e. all members share short video on twitter)

Keen the hear the communities thoughts on this - and very happy to discuss any of the above directly.

Discord: Pepperoni_Joe


Hey Joe -

Welcome again to the community! I am excited to see this project proceed.

I will say that the PieDAO video was super impressive to me because it was eye-catching, hit some major themes, and gave a cool aesthetic to the Metaverse idea. I voted above for a short attention-grabbing video, as I think that will be easier to share on social media. I think a lot of people understand the Coop’s brand, and we’ve done a great job of building a strong reputation. A longer informative video could definitely drive that point home, but I think that a short punchy video is more likely to spread and get us some newer engagement.

I am by no means a marketing guru though, so I’ll be interested to see what others say. Great post!


You’re landing with a bang - congrats.

  • I voted for both video content mediums as I think they both needed, especially short punchy videos. I might even suggest testing a barbell approach <1min (promos) and >10min (deeper dive explainers), but yours to run with
  • Your point re needing the brand framework is noted. Let’s huddle with @codeMathics and @Martin and move that forward ASAP. You’ve commented on the proposal to establish the CDWG, so you’ve seen that’s a focus to get built ASAP - it’s needed more widely too
  • Very happy to help with script review (and any other strategy stuff)

Glad to see you hear and wanting to contribute - there’s a lot of value to be added re video.

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Welcome @Pepperoni_Joe! This sounds great.

For reference, you might be interested in checking out this recent post from LA regarding content creation: Impression Mining

There’s also a content workshop being hosted by the IC/LA tomorrow at 2pm EST --could be a good idea to join that and to help refine any ideas you might have!

Hi all,

Thanks for taking the time to read through the post and provide feedback.

Given the polling, I see a strong :+1: to proceed with the development of both videos .

Next steps

  • Closer alignment with Growth WG - specifically around influence mining.
  • Review existing on collateral (i.e. one pager / pitch deck etc).
  • Provide a proposed script for each video back to the community for feedback.

@mcgpetch - The work on impression mining is fantastic, and video content can be a really effective tools for organic marketing on twitter (low cost , high volume!). I’ve not been as close as I would have liked to this work - but am keen to change that over coming weeks.

@DevOnDeFi - We’ve got a call on Tuesday, but it would be useful for me, @codemathics, @Martin and yourself to schedule some regular meetings. As my work is project based, I’ve had to use a variety of client branding (both good and bad) so can definitely offer guidance on what does and doesn’t work. It would also be good to explore how the Design WG interacts with the other teams - but I will pick this point up on the relevant thread.

@AcceleratedCapital - Appreciate the feedback. Hopefully we can build something equally good, if not better! Would be keen to get your input on script!

Many thanks,


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Hi owls,

I wanted to share the first video script for the communities feedback. This is the informative (long video) - though I have really tried to keep the content focused on the essentials and articulate the Index Coop “elevator pitch”.

I’m looking to begin animation work over the next week supported by one of my PwC colleagues.

My ask - feedback!
I have provided the initial script below which should give you a flavour for the structure. When animated script will be much more dynamic.

If you would like to provide specific feedback on the script (especially around wording) please do so directly in this google document. It also contains more comment on the narrative and flags specific queries I have. General feedback can be provided in this thread.


Scene 1

Global stock market $95,000,000,000,000… 18% in index funds

Decentralised Finance $51,540,000,000… 0.41% in index funds

Scene 2
The blackrock of Decentralised Finance is here

Scene 3
Index Coop

Scene 4
Decentralised finance is taking over many of the functions traditionally played by banks and exchanges.

But with so many different options, picking winners is hard and time consuming.

And transactions cost are high - with rebalancing taking considerable time.

Scene 5
Index Coop was founded to address these challenges…

Scene 6
Index Coop is a decentralised autonomous organisation, a partnership of:

Set team - battle tested team of engineers responsible for the set protocol, crypto largest actively managed funds.

Defi Pulse - the bloomberg of decentralised finance

Index community - a network, of finance professionals, engineers, DeFi experts, content marketers, and crypto enthusiasts

Scene 7
Together, as Index Coop, we have created Defi Index products unlike anything else on the market.

We do the work, so you don’t have to.

Scene 8 - DPI
What is it? An index comprising token from the top decentralised finance project. The nasdaq of crypto.

Pie chart showing breakdown:

Scene 9 - CGI
What is it? A portfolio of bitcoin, etherium and gold which minimise risk and maximises return to outperform all three over the long run.

Pie chart showing breakdown:

Scene 10 - ETH2X-FLI
What is it: Are you bullish on Ethereum? Then you might be very interested in FLI.
If ethereum $2000 → $4000 - with FLI your money is now worth $8000

Whilst you take the risk that etherium goes $2000 → $1000 - with FLI your on $500

Pie chart showing breakdown:

Scene 11 - MVI
The Metaverse Index is designed to capture the trend of entertainment, sports and business shifting to a virtual environment.

Scene 12
What to find out? Go to our website:

Scene 13 - Close
Index Coop

Keen to get your feedback.

Still need establish clear branding guidelines (especially brand colours and font). I’ve got a call with @DevOnDeFi tomorrow (13/04) where I hope to pick up this question.

Many thanks,



@Pepperoni_Joe way to land with a bang! I was dragging after a long day but this has me fired up! Lets hop on the wire to talk through some of the details later this week.

I’m excited to get this launched. I agree with @DevOnDeFi that barbell approach of a few short videos and a longer more in depth one makes sense. But you guys are the pros here and I know it will come out amazing.

Great example of a meaningful contribution right off the bat that really moves the needle for us.

Between you and @codemathics we are basically spinning up a DAO video studio